This game is a simple 2D platformer. You can move from side to side and jump, and you have to reach the exit in each level. But there is at twist: You can't actually see anything. Instead you have to deduce the shape of the level and your position in it using the little information you have. That information is the one color that the pixel can display at a time and the sounds you make when you move around.


  • [A]/[D] Move left/right
  • [SPACE] Jump
  • [↑][↓][🡄][🡆] Look around
  • [R] Reset level
  • [E] Next tutorial text (you can play the game while you read the tutorial)

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to look around. The colors simply show which direction you are looking.

  • When the screen is white (or gray), you are looking at the exit.

  • The brighter the color is, the closer you are to what you are looking at.

  • Using this information, you should be able to make a mental map of the room you are in, and your position in it.

  • Your objective is yo touch the exit. When you do, the pixel will flash bright yellow.

  • There are 10 levels including the first one that you may have completed by accident while experimenting with the controls.

Tips and hints:

  • Keep in mind that no matter what direction you look, you still control the game from the same side-on view.

  • Your "field of vision" is 0. Not a cone. You can only see how close something is on a line directly in the direction you are looking.

  • You have a view distance of 5 times your width. If something is further away than this, the pixel won't get any darker.

  • Walking from side to side while looking up is a good way to find floating platforms.

  • You can hear a click every time you have moved one times your own width. The click is different depending on what direction you moved. Use this to measure distances.

  • Take note the different sounds you make and take advantage of them. (Headphones are an advantage).

  • The levels/rooms are small (About 8-10 times your width).

  • If you are careful, you can stand on the edge of a platform and look down without falling down. Use this to find the edges of the platform you are standing on.

  • Sometimes the solution is simpler than you think.

This game was made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019. The theme was "only one" which is why my game takes place in only one pixel (although it's a big pixel).

Cheat sheet with all the level layouts if you need help.


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Played this before the jam ended. Have to say we thought about this concept but didn't think to do it quite this elegantly. Great stuff

Now this is creative. It is quite complicated to explain though, maybe (if you had more time) you could implement the tutorial in the game where it gradually takes vision away from you until you just have the pixel left. Nice Work!